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Smokeless Fireplaces

Sooty fireplaces and chimney sweeps are things of the past. We ensure that the smoky grime from your old fireplace will no longer mar the joy of a comfortable time with your near and dear ones. Welcome to a whole new world of clean and smokeless fireplaces. Our range of exquisitely crafted ready-to-use fireplaces can comfortably combine a whole host of traditional as well as modern features. The listed fireplaces are designed in such a way that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The range of outdoor fireplaces is exclusively designed to help you be warm and comfortable while you enjoy the night out with friends and family. The products are made out of wood or metal to suit your specific needs and are available in conventional colors to give you the feel of the yester years. Log on to our website to warm up to our smokeless fireplace products and enjoy a snug day with your friends and family.

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"Chim Chimney Chim Chimeny Chim Chim Cheroo!" No matter how loveable those sweeps may be, the mess they create definitely wasn't. Therefore, new age fireplaces have come up with a welcome alternative to wipe off that grime - the Smokeless Fireplace products.

We are aware of the well known adage "Where there is smoke there is Fire". Technology has ensured that this no longer holds good. We do have fire in our fireplaces but definitely lesser and sometimes no smoke. Smokeless fireplaces are available in two varieties - The fuel based ones and the ones that operate on electricity. The fuel based "smokeless" variety use natural gas, propane and alcohol-based gels and therefore is not absolutely smokeless. It is only the electric fireplaces that are completely smokeless. As fuel based fireplaces burn oxygen to make the fireplace work it is essential to ensure that if a fuel based fireplace is being used, windows (at least one) should be left open.

Smokeless fireplaces, whether fuel based or operated on electricity should be professionally installed. It requires a team of experts who would inspect the home specifications and deliver the appropriate product. Also adequate permits for the building are required in order to proceed with the installation.

There are certain obvious advantages to using a smokeless, fireless or ventless fireplace. It involves low cost and low maintenance. Also it is available in various shapes, sizes and color and helps to accentuate any kind of room d├ęcor. Moreover, some very technologically powered vent less fireplaces provides a unique feature. They are equipped with a sensor that shuts down the equipment if the oxygen level falls or is blocked off. This prevents any untoward accidents. Moreover, manufacturers have also introduced an outdoor variety of smokeless fireplaces. These can be ignited with bio-ethanol liquid fuel and is therefore odorless, non-toxic and definitely smokeless. The best part of this variety being that it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

However there is also a flip side in using the smokeless fireplaces. These fireplaces do not use chimneys or vending ducts. Therefore, unable to release the warm air through vents or ducts they tend to increase the humidity resulting in health hazards. Nevertheless, manufacturers ensure that the problem areas are well taken care of. Clear directions are provided with every product which users would need to adhere to in order to avoid any mishaps. Used responsibly smokeless fireplaces are here to keep you warm and healthy.