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Backyards are fun to redecorate, it's one of the spaces in our houses that are easy to transform. So, if you decide to transform your backyard into a space for social gatherings, it is important that you choose furniture and accessories that are not only decorative but are also functional as well, like chimineas, which not only compliment the entire look of your backyard, but also make you and your guests feel warm especially during dinner parties or gatherings at night. Not only that, chimineas can also be used for grilling food, and although there are chimineas without a grill in them, most chimineas have one built in.

Chimineas come in different forms and sizes, which is perfect for those who follow a specific theme for their backyard's design. Chimineas are also made from different materials, those made from clay and steel are practically the most popular kinds of chimineas.

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Chimineas were brought to the U.S. by Mexicans, who have been using it for approximately for hundred years. It was originally designed to keep families warm while also use it for cooking or baking. Chimineas have always been used in backyards or patios and are very popular in U.S. and U.K. It is also spelled as chimenea or chimnea.
A chiminea's typical shape looks similar to an old school charcoal-powered heater, with a circular body and a sort of upward vent or chimney. This design allows the heat to circulate faster and the fire to last longer. It is also able to give off more heat than most outdoor heaters.


The Clay Chiminea is the original type of chiminea. This type of chiminea usually heats up faster and is able to maintain the high temperature, which is probably why a lot of people prefer it more. Clay chimineas are also beautifully designed and tend to be more attractive than steel or cast iron chimineas.

Steel Chimineas last longer than clay chimineas, but they are more expensive. They look more modern and are easier to incorporate in various backyard themes or designs. Steel chimineas are perfect for people who redecorate their backyards often.

Cast Iron
Cast Iron Chimineas are also more durable than clay chimineas, they also prove to be better conductors of heat. Cast iron chimineas are perfect for cooking, it also has more varieties in terms of sizes and shapes.

Maintenance and Repair
Chimineas, just like any other furniture, should be taken care of so it lasts longer. Aside from buying a cover to protect it from dust, rust, rain, or basically, the environment, chimineas should also be cleaned from time to time, especially if it has a grill.

Repairing chimineas are also quite easy, since steel or cast iron chimineas don't normally require repair, you don't have to worry about your chiminea as long as it is well-maintained. However, clay chimineas are more prone to breakage, cracks, flaking and crumbling, in this case, all you need is a muffler glue to put the parts back together. A little fire is needed to cure the glue and the clay together 24 hours after.