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About Our Site is an internet store and shopping basket providing the very finest products and value available from a range of related websites and offerings. brings together all of the very finest and most popular brands of goods to our shoppers, presented in this single online collection.

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The Power of Amazon the Variety of ProfileSupply

profilesupply is owned and opperated by Profile Supply, a business offering building supplies and decorative finishing products throughout the USA ever since 2003.  With the addition of our home furnishing and home lighting sites, Profile Supply is swiftly becoming your one stop for home outfitting and architectural niceties.

The crown molding variety accessible from Profile Supply’s online stores is larger than every other website store.  Even as this can appear a significant claim….It is every bit the reality.  For decorative door surrounds, window or door casings, you will clearly be astounded at the choices presented on either of our millwork web sites.  And the selection doesn’t finish at decorative ceiling medallions or wooden corbels.  Profile Supply also sells a huge variety of baluster systems, attractive fiberglass columns and added, often challenging to discover, do-it-yourself resources.

The furniture and lighting stores at profile supply are the most latest additions to our home décor family.  Ever developing, these two sites offer tremendous deals on home furnishings and attractive lighting, with everything from dining room sets to bedroom furniture and metal chandeliers to solar outdoor patio lighting.